Tangram Design develops innovative products and experiences that bridge the gap between users and technology. We zero in on opportunities for innovation by carefully analyzing our client’s customers, market position, technologies, and long term goals. We then work with our clients to translate this information into a design strategy.

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Tangram Design is ideally located in Vancouver, Canada. – outdoor recreational paradise, cultural mosaic and gateway to the East -or West, depending on the direction you’re traveling. Vancouver is a hub of culture, technology and commerce -an ideal location for design innovation.

About Robert Johnston

Robert Johnston is the principal designer and founder of Tangram Design. Rob has a variety of design and product development experience both working directly for manufacturers and as a member of consultancy based design teams. Rob is a current board member and Past President of the British Columbia Industrial Design Association. In 2009 Robert’s work in the field of industrial design was recognized by the BC Creative Achievement Foundation with a BC Creative Achievement Award

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