Powertech Labs

Hydrogen Fuel Dispenser

Industrial Design
Mechanical Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)
Manufacturing Liaison

Powertech Labs operates at the forefront of clean energy research and development in North America. With a diverse team of scientists, engineers, and technical specialists, they offer industry leading expertise in the electric utility, OEM, industrial, and clean energy sectors.

Looking to expedite the commercialization of their innovative hydrogen program, Powertech enlisted Tangram Design to provide the initial design strategy as well as full industrial and mechanical design support for their Hydrogen Fueling Station.

Working concurrently with the Powertech team, Tangram developed the external housing of the fueling station while also refining the internal structure and subframe so that it satisfied the many technical requirements present in the fueling environment. We were responsible for the final production CAD and manufacturing documentation for the external components and as well as providing functional prototypes and eventually low volume production.

Transforming Transportation

One of Powertech’s refueling stations is integral to the University of British Columbia’s Smart Hydrogen Energy District (SHED). The SHED is an innovative and unique installation uses a single site to combine hydro, solar and hydrogen solutions through a connected micro-grid. The facilities at the SHED transform solar energy and water into clean electricity and hydrogen for use on the UBC campus.

By pushing the boundaries of clean energy technology, Powertech Labs and Tangram Design are paving the way for a sustainable future.