Volvo Concept Center

We helped Volvo Cars explore the future of child protection

Children’s car seats are historically bulky, hard to move and tedious to mount. Tangram Design assisted the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center in designing a lightweight and inflatable rearward-faced child seat concept using groundbreaking inflatable technology.

Client: Volvo Monitoring & Center
Services: Research, Industrial Design, Prototyping
Volvo inflatable child seat

Tangram Design was approached by the Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center in California to assist in the design and development of their inflatable child seat concept. Tangram was asked to help on the project based on our previous experience and technical knowledge in the design and prototyping of drop stitch inflatable products. Our previous experiences provided the Volvo design team with in-depth information and guidance regarding the opportunities for innovation and limitations of working with drop-stitch fabric.

The drop-stitch inflatable fabric technology used to create the bladder portion of the seat was originally developed for use in the military and boating industries. The fabric is characterized by 2 surfaces that are connected by a large number of threads. When the 2 sides are connected with a sidewall and inflated the threads create tension in the structure allowing for inflation to high-pressure and a much more rigid surface than a typical inflatable product. Tangram had previously worked with Walker Bay Boats on the design and development of their line of inflatable kayaks and docks.