Delivering Rapid and reliable diagnostic testing

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Response Biomedical’s RAMP200 platform is a rapid, point-of-care diagnostic testing system that produces lab-quality testing results in minutes. The RAMP platform provides diagnostic testing solutions for use in cardiovascular, infectious disease, sepsis, women’s health, arbovirus and biodefense.

Tangram worked directly with both the hardware development and commercialization teams at Response Biomedical to identify and analyze areas where their existing single cartridge system was successful, as well as areas that could use improvement. Through observational research and interviews, benchtop space constraints and the ability for expansion were identified as key features that would define the new product. The idea of separating the primary user interface and electronics from the cartridge and processing areas was born from this research. This approach became the basis for the modular system that defines the configuration of the RAMP200.

Medical Device Modular Design