Client: Response Biomedical


Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Mechanical Design
User Interface Development
Prototype Production

Response Biomedical is an established market leader in rapid point-of-care diagnostic testing. Their RAMP® Platform provides accurate and precise diagnostic information for cardiovascular and infectious disease tests in minutes.

The original RAMP® Reader worked well but had limited display options and was designed to perform only one test at a time. Response Biomedical recognized that there was an opportunity to develop a second test platform that could be scalable to their individual customer’s needs.

Tangram Design worked simultaneously with the marketing and engineering teams at Response Biomedical to understand and develop opportunities for innovation in both the user experience and the technical areas.

design sketches

The idea that the new system would be expandable had been pre-determined however one of the concepts sketched in our industrial design exploration phase suggested separating the GUI components completely from the testing platform to create a truly modular system. This concept resonated with all teams and became the basis for further development as it not only solved the scalability requirement but presented multiple options for lab configuration based on an operator’s available bench-space.

3d printing

Prior to engaging with their external engineering partner for final production documentation, Tangram provided Response Biomedical with CAD documentation and 3d Printed components that were assembled along with a working touch-screen monitor and sample GUI to allow the concept to be demonstrated to key clients and partners.

Tangram continued to provide on-going design support to Response Biomedical’s internal and external engineering partners throughout the final documentation and production phase of the project.